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 Roberta Kreft   2013-05-23 11:43:32 

Wow, love your work.
 Ronell Sheafer   2011-10-05 17:38:28 

Beautiful work!  To think I went to high school with such an amazing talent!!  Congratulations!
 Greg   2010-09-14 16:29:07 

Great work , I have 2 of your prints of Mickey mouse that Jeff gave me. I have them framed and hanging in my living room.
 Teresa Acosta   2009-07-06 03:35:16 

Beautiful work. If this is what you've created after a 20 year hiatus, I can only imagine your next years will be filled with amazing artwork. You are blessed with a great talent.
 Betsy Drews   2009-03-24 12:44:34 

Some of the most fantastic work I have ever seen!!  i had no idea!
 christine scott   2009-03-24 12:43:59 

I love the pitures,youve been busy since i was there,keep up the good job
 Ron Houston   2009-01-11 10:01:55 

Hi Ken, I was talking about airbrush paintings with my kids and told them about the mural on you Trans am and how talented you are. We looked up your site and see that you still have it. I live in south west Colorado so we liked the buttes.
 Darryl Marks   2008-05-29 14:22:15 

wow, these are very nice, i never knew that when i knew you in big bear that you even painted, i think you are very good, almost as good as william hoffman, remember Greg hoffmans dad? wish i could find Greg, well take care, maybe we could chat sometime.
 Kimberly Bowers   2007-12-03 16:09:04 

All I can say is breath taking!  You are very talented indeed!  Keep up the good work and tell Rori Hi!!
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